PLQEC Clinical Laboratories

Clinical Laboratories

As we help your company to get in shape for obtaining ISO 15189 and CAP accreditation a system of higher industry and regulatory standards will become the basis of your company's greater operational, organizational and output potential.

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PLQEC Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Testing and Calibration Laboratories

An accreditation program designed to ensure that testing facilities uphold their commitment to quality standards, thus serving to protect the public interest, ISO 17025 accreditation will enhance your company's credibility and aid its commercial viability.

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PLQEC Food Service Industry

Food Service Industry

When it comes to food service, public safety is a serious concern and a subject to legal regulations. As an operator of a food service establishment, you will have to obtain an operating permit. With our help, you will be in business sooner rather than later.

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ISO-9001 Certification

Designed to cater to the needs of various industries, ISO-9001 quality management system standard is a trade tool with a universal appeal. Without a doubt a worthwhile endeavour, obtaining this certification, however, requires input from a competent consultant.

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PLQEC Training

PLQEC Training

The company's level of success corresponds to qualification levels of its employees. Let us educate your staff, make quality control a part of their professional training and help you enforce quality standards as an essential element of your company's operation.

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PLQEC Quality Management

Quality Management

An efficient quality management system is key to maintaining high quality of products and services, effective utilization of assets and regulatory compliance. Invest in your company's QMS and make sure to protect your business by securing its uninterrupted work.

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Through Quality Essentials to Excellence

Partner up with us and see your company achieve higher grounds in quality management, industry excellence and market presence.

With 20 years of experience and 10 years of quality management in the testing industry, PLQEC has the skills and unyielding commitment to success which we will use to get your business accredited and ripping benefits from its operational upgrade.

Our philosophy: Our expertise is your strength

A Form of Investment: Accreditation

Accreditation can be the next big decision for you company that will bring about a marked improvement in its performance, make it a bigger name in the industry, and boost its revenue.

Accreditation by an authorized body is a testimony that your company operates in line with the accepted standards, cares about its standing in the industry and takes seriously its responsibility as a service provider.

Secure the trust of your customers and associates by having this official stamp of approval.

Why Go the Way of Accreditation
  • to raise the measure of coordination in the company's operation, including quality management, communication and customer service
  • to lower costs and gain greater output from invested resources
  • to get easier access to grant funding
  • to build reputation nationally and abroad
  • to widen market reach
  • to assure interested parties of the quality of services/products and of practicing high quality control standards
  • to generate greater amount of repeat business
Why Go the Way of ISO

Do you

  • care for high standards in testing results, service delivery, customer relations and quality management?
  • strive for a greater cohesion in the processes and activities within your company?
  • seek to enhance your company's technical and organizational edge?
  • aim to grow your client base?
  • want your business to compete successfully at the international level?


Quality Guarantee like No Other: ISO Certification

Obtaining ISO certification will reward your business with tighter organizational control, greater return on its assets and ultimately, a customer base both loyal and expanding. By taking this step, your company will join the ranks of leading performers in the testing industry – nationally and worldwide.

Use ISO certification to map your company's evolution.